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Tectonics FP

Software for Structural Geology written by Franz Reiter and Peter Acs for Microsoft Windows.

TectonicsFP is available as open source on GitHub.

You can download the latest release 1.7.9 here:

Link to the project:

General Features: 

  • 32bit Windows application can be run on all Microsoft Windows™-platforms.
  • Full MDI (multi document interface) application: open as many graphics- and editor-windows as you like
  • Developed from geologists for geologists for all cases where directional data have to be processed, with emphasis on brittle tectonics
  • Enter data in a database spreadsheet. Exchange data with other spreadsheet or database applications via clipboard
  • Use all available Windows™ fonts, colors and line styles and choose from 5 point symbols to customize your plots
  • Combine several plots to receive high and appropriate information content
  • Export graphics easily via clipboard or file to other Windows™-based applications
  • Print your graphics files directly from TectonicsFP with metrical scaling independently of printer used
  • Multiuser support: customize your version of TectonicsFP. Continue with your private settings next time
  • Number of data is not limited for most plots and depends only on available resources of your computer
  • Online-help to give on-screen information
  • Short manual for fast ”how-to-use”-information
  • Full manual with all references for plots.

System Requirements

There are no special requirements for running Tectonics FP. If the computer can run Windows 95 to Windows 10 TectonicsFP will run.

A development based on TectonicVB - Apple Macintosh Software for Structural Geology by Hugo Ortner
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